Alternative Ballistics - A Less lethal device for use by Police and the Military



With countless lives lost in police shootings over the years, there has never been another lethal force option developed for law enforcement



Years of research, testing and human effects studies helped create THE ALTERNATIVE®. Feedback from PHDs, ballistics experts, law enforcement and special forces helped us design the first lethal force option for law enforcement other than their guns and bullets



Bullet capture device that catches a live bullet fired from a gun. It works like an airbag for a bullet...slowing it down to 1/5 speed. Still retaining the blunt impact force to knock a suspect down, while lessening the lethal potential of the fired bullet

Product Overview




Making a Bullet Safer Yet Still Effective

Making a Bullet Safter yet Still Effective
  • Catching a Bullet 
  • Catching A Bullet

    Once the gun is fired the bullet embeds itself inside the projectile without a chance of escaping.The bullet's energy is simultaneously transferred to the projectile as it is propelled toward the target.

  • Lethal Force Options 
  • Lethal Force Options

    Until now, law enforcement has only had a gun and bullets to deal with lethal force encounters. Years of countless loss of lives, and no other options had been created for deadly force situations.

  • what it means 
  • What This Means

    This technology represents a critical “missing link” between lethal force and less-lethal force. By utilizing our bullet capture technology in appropriate situations, police are likely to prevent loss of life in a way that was – until now – not possible.

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