About Us - Developing technology for law enforcement agencies

Alternative Ballistics was formed with a diverse group of individuals from law enforcement, military, medicine, and business backgrounds.

Our Mission: Developing effective technology for law enforcement and military agencies worldwide. Our products provide a unique, effective, affordable and rapid solution to lethal situations while aiding in maintaining the safety of law enforcement officers and the general public. What is a life worth?

Alternative Ballistics has developed an innovative device which allows an officer the ability to choose another option in lethal force situations, while keeping themselves safe. THE ALTERNATIVE® will incapacitate an individual through blunt force trauma with a diminished risk of death.

THE ALTERNATIVE® was developed to fill the void in lethal force situations, which until now could only be addressed with a firearm. Concerned with the number of deaths of officers and citizens resulting when confrontations occur, where a new lethal force option would have been preferred but not readily available... we developed THE ALTERNATIVE®.


About Us

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