Introduction to Alternative Ballistics

Monday, 12 January 2015 04:21

Introduction to Alternative Ballistics

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I want to take the time to explain this new technology in some detail so you can make an informed decision about THE ALTERNATIVE®. Alternative Ballistics was formed by former law enforcement officers, FBI firearm experts, ex-Special Forces and a group of individuals with business backgrounds. The company is pro law enforcement and Second Amendment devotees. THE ALTERNATIVE® was designed as a lethal force option. I’ll repeat that - it is a lethal force option; to be utilized when lethal force conditions have been met. If you ask police officers what options they have in lethal force situations they will answer, “My gun and bullets.” Yet they have a lot of options for less lethal situations: OC (pepper spray), Tasers, bean bags, etc. All are great products for their given application. But does every lethal force situation call for a bullet?

Here is a true story that happened to a personal friend: A call goes out across the radio, a DV (domestic violence) where a 15-year-old girl has a kitchen knife. She has already cut her mother and herself. As they pull up to the house the mother is in the front yard covered in blood screaming, “My daughter is inside and has gone crazy and has threatened her own life with the knife.” They approach the front door of the house, not a word is spoken between them - why should there be, they are both seasoned officers with SWAT experience. But that’s not why there is silence. They aren’t speaking a word because they both know they may have to shoot a 15-year-old girl if she comes at them with the knife. Both of these officers have children. How do you think they felt? As they enter the house they see the girl with the knife and are luckily able to talk her into putting the knife down. As I talked with my friend after this happened, he tells me he wished he’d had THE ALTERNATIVE®. These are the situations our product was developed for. Not for a suspect with a gun.

From suicide by cop to a mentally unstable person with a tree branch, there are many situations where THE ALTERNATIVE® is applicable. Under no circumstances do we suggest the use of our product when the suspect has a firearm or when the officer has to react instantaneously to protect life and limb.

<p>&nbsp;</p> <p>If police find themselves in a reactive situation, then they need to rely on their training. We trust our police officers to make split-second decisions between lethal and non-lethal force every day. This technology affords them that same luxury, except with a lethal force option. Not every lethal force situation calls for a bullet just because lethal force is justified. THE ALTERNATIVE® is an option for those lethal situations.</p> <p>The product itself only weighs about 2 ounces and sits in a small pouch on their duty belt. It mounts to the top of an officer’s weapon within a second when the officer feels it’s an appropriate lethal force situation. It is made of a specially designed alloy that allows the bullet to embed itself inside of the projectile while simultaneously transferring the bullet’s energy to that projectile. The bullet leaves the barrel very hot and malleable and that’s when it is able to infuse inside the cavity of THE ALTERNATIVE®. At this point both THE ALTERNATIVE® and the docking unit disengage from the weapon, allowing it to be returned to normal operation for follow-up shots with live rounds if necessary. THE ALTERNATIVE® is extremely accurate. Studies show sub 1-inch groups at the maximum effective range of 30 feet. The blunt force energy delivered by THE ALTERNATIVE® is very consistent since the fired bullet propels it.</p> <p>We are adamant in our belief that a law enforcement officer is under no obligation to put his life at risk unnecessarily. This product was conceived and developed always with that in mind. With the intense scrutiny that law enforcement is under and the innumerable escalation of force situations that can present themselves, we simply feel that THE ALTERNATIVE® can help with the complicated decisions police officers have to make every day.</p> <p>Thank you,</p> <p>Christian Ellis<br /> Chief Executive Officer&nbsp;<br /> <strong>Alternative Ballistics LP</strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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